My Positive Life Journey, It Starts With ME

“The development and free distribution of this self-help book is our way to contribute to guiding people, especially children going through challenging and difficult circumstances, build resilience. The book allows for the reader to self-reflect on their experiences during the journey, encouraging them find inner strength and confidence in their future.”

Self-help books for youngsters, parents and children

“The Positive Life Journey, It Starts With ME books are based on our training ethos: ‘Change, It Starts With Me!’ The activities and exercises have been developed to trigger a process of positive change within.”

My life journey books for youngsters

Below is the link to our self-help book for young people who had no choice but to flee from Ukraine and other countries. This book gives them the opportunity to think and ink about their experiences before, during and after their journey. It can be viewed for free and downloaded via the links below (click on images below to open PDF). NB. These books can also be used by adults.

Anastasiia Lazarets: “From time to time we fill the pages of the book with my nephew. I have rarely seen him so interested in tasks. In addition, he is so interested, because we do it together, and he is interested in the process itself. I consider the book very successful.”

My life journey books for parents

Below you can download the life journey books that have been developed for parents. Raising and caring for children when you are forced to leave your home is an enormous challenge. These life journey books help parents to become more resilient themselves AND pass this on to their children. Read more about how this book can strengthen parents and families.

My Life Journey Book for children

My Life Journey Book is an activity book for children from Ukraine. The book encourages children to write about their experiences during the journey but also their memories from Ukraine and their dreams for the future. In this book there are more drawing and game assignments. The initiative for this My Life Journey, It Starts With ME book is a collaboration between Lifebook for Youth, FICE Nederland, It Starts With ME Global, the University of Groningen and has been enthusiastically supported by the Netherlands Youth Institute. The activity book can also be downloaded in more languages at #Mylifejourneybook

“Very enthusiastically received by everyone who works with children from Ukraine, more than 6000 downloads in 5 weeks!” 

“All ask us to print it more and more. Children like it a lot. Some teacher say that this book has a very therapeutic effect. So thank you a lot.”

For anyone who wants to work with these self-help books, we have made an A4 tips page.