Life Journey books for young adults and parents who have had to leave their country

Dealing with traumatic experiences

The It Starts With ME mission is to create safer and holistically healthier environments for children to be raised in. The Positive Life Journey, It Starts With ME self-help books fitted our mission perfectly. Research has shown that traumatic experiences in your childhood can have a long-term negative effect as it is one of the strongest predictors of mental problems in adolescence. (from publication Facts and fables about resilience and mental problems, LUMC 2022 )

At the launch of the My Life Journey Book, the activity book for children from Ukraine, we heard from various parents, educators, and organizations that there was in fact a need for self-help books for young adults and parents. As it fitted into our vision, Peer3 decided to author & publish the My Positive Life Journey, It Starts With ME self-help books for young adults and parents. These books go beyond writing down your own travel story as it encourages and challenge young people and parents, in a positive way, to action shaping their future. A self-help book that offers perspective on a better future. The Dutch and English versions can of course also be used by young people from other countries.

It Starts With ME – #supportgroups

The Life Journey book is based on our It Starts With ME methodology and training.

These books are also suitable to use in group meetings and/or in classrooms and if needed, clarity and guidance can then be given about the assignments. More importantly it offers a great opportunity to exchange experiences and stories with each other. The role of a facilitator makes a huge positive (or negative) difference. We have years of experience in training trainers and if you want to work with this book in the classroom or in groups, please contact us. We are happy to offer you a short training so that you are well prepared when you get started.


Result of a great collaboration

We would like to thank the various professionals and parents who have read along. Without your input and advice this book would never have become so valuable and complete. We would like to thank Iryna Batyreva for the translation into Ukrainian. We are really very proud of it and hope that this book will reach and help many young people and parents who have had to leave their country.

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Empowering young people, It Starts With Us!

“The development and free distribution of these self-help books is our little way to contribute to guide adults and children going through challenging and difficult circumstances, build resilience within. The book allows for the reader to self-reflect on their experiences during the journey, encouraging them find inner strength and confidence in their future.”