Do it yourself, tools

Do it yourself, tools

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Spotlighted: Life journey books and activity books for refugees

Touched by the images of war and poverty, we got to work developing life travel books. We felt the need to do something for everyone who was forced to leave their country.  Life Journey Books are self-help books for refugee children, adolescents and young adults from Ukraine and other countries. In this book they can write about their experiences before, during and after their journey. We have free life-journey books for children, young adults and soon also for parents in 3 languages, Dutch, English and Ukrainian.

You can find more information, view the books and download them for free here.

Hanne: “In this book you can read back your travel experiences later and we hope that through this book you will find confidence in your future!”

“We choose to make our tools and insights available for free, because we think it is important that as many children, parents and professionals as possible have the opportunity to increase their own power and thus their resilience. In this way we want to normalize that you support each other in the (co-)raising of children.

Our tools and cards have already been downloaded and printed more than 750,000 times! We therefore believe that our tools really help people to come to solutions themselves and reduce requests for help to professionals.”

TIP: “Talk to other parents about your experiences with parenting and parenting. We know from our group training for parents how helpful it is to look at your own situation through someone else’s eyes and to hear and see how someone else does it. In connection with each other, doors are opened and you discover so much more!”

Supporting each other in parenting, It Starts With Me

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