Children see, children do -> people see, people do

We are a partnership who through our choices and our behavior want to be an example to others. After years of working on assignment providing policy advice, vision statements and various projects in the field of youth welfare, we are now changing course. From now on, all our work will revolve around promoting the motto and program “It Starts With Me”. We feel a bit like heroes in our socks, because it’s quite exciting to take a new direction without knowing exactly where you’re going.

So why do we choose to do this?

We believe in the power of people. Every change can start with yourself, with one individual, one parent, one professional, one administrator, one policy maker who makes a difference to the life of one child. With our tools and It Starts With ME trainings, we encourage people to DO, to do what it takes to give every child the chance to shape their own life path. We are convinced that we can make the most impact by reaching as many children, parents and professionals as possible with ‘It Starts With Me’.

People are the most important links in the process chain of youth care. The people in families and the network, the people who work in youth care, the people who work as administrators and policy makers for youth. With our program, It Starts With Me, we strengthen these links and reinforce the mutual connections, with the ultimate goal of a resilient society.

Our passion for It Starts With Me is also what connects us as partners of Peer3 as you can see in the roadmap below. (Click on the image if you want to be able to read it better)

It Starts With Me helps to find answers to the question:

“How can I be that positive, strong link in my work and in my family?”