Having to flee your country because of war or violence is a very traumatic and drastic experience for any parent. In addition to your own sadness, anger, anxiety, and worry, you are responsible for your child[ren]. Many parents had to do this as a single parent because their spouse was not yet able to go along. We have developed this book for all these parents who live in uncertainty about how to proceed with their own lives, their work, living conditions, their families, and their children.

To comprehend and understanding

This book allows parents to self-reflect and write about their experiences during their journey. We refer to it as the ‘think, ink, share and action’ process. It gives them a clear overview of what happened. It is only when parents comprehend, understand, and have insight into their own situation that can they talk about this with their child(ren). This is important because children feel very insecure and unsafe if they do not understand what is going on.

Parents who can express and talk about their own experiences, concerns, and feelings, can easier express and talk about this with their children. Children learn from their parents’ behaviour and therefor it helps the child to also comprehend and understand what happened. Toolkits in this book stimulates parents in a positive way to talk to their children and to set a good example.

Social networking and recharging energy

The ‘think, ink, share and action’ process of this book encourages parent to look at possibilities within their existing circumstances. It empowers them to gain insight and take ownership of activities and people that gives them positive energy. They are challenged to spend more time on these activities and contacts which allows them to recharge and build a support network.

Confidence in the future

Parents gain confidence in their future when following the toolkit journey of the book. Again, this then reflects on guiding their children to also gain confidence for the future. An exciting part of the toolkit journey in this book is to create a family story. This is created through answering questions such as: “Which village are you from?”; “What was your childhood like?”; “What values are important to your family?” etc. The family story offers connection between generations and establish belonging. A story that also offers perspective for the future.

One of the main objectives of this book is to increase parental resilience.

Children see, children do…

Children learn behaviour from watching and imitating adults, specifically parents as their main role model. Resilient parents/adults = resilient children.

Supporting each other

We sincerely hope parents, under guidance from a tutor, psychologist, or teacher, from their own country and culture, will join in small groups when following this “think, ink, share and action” process of this book. Powerful connections can be made when talking together and supporting each other. Peer3 offers professional workshops on personal transformation, leadership, and development. If you are interested, please contact us via info@peer3.nl

Download the Life Journey It Starts With ME book for parents in 3 different languages ​​(Ukrainian, English or Dutch).