Berthe Peerenboom 

Tel. 00316-22949241

Berthe is a social architect. This means that she develops new policies by reducing complexity to a simple model that everyone can understand. By bringing focus, projects become manageable and clear. Berthe has a talent for connecting people, organizations and knowledge, she can create a situation where everyone can contribute. Berthe is an expert in safe growing up, network collaboration and organizational issues.


Hanne Peerenboom

Tel. 00316-41688173

Hanne is an inspiring connector. She is always looking for new solutions to best match what is needed. Hanne is able to build the self-confidence and mutual trust of partners in projects. She creatively motivates people to get started and stay on the job and take responsibility. Hanne is an expert on the preventive domain and mutual cooperation in the chain. Visualization and playful learning characterize her approach.

Yvonne van Westering

Tel. 0031623832554

Yvonne is a committed bridge builder. She is curious and looks at different perspectives without judgment in order to find the best solution. Yvonne weighs the interests of all stakeholders so that the needs of the (target) group can be met. Together with partners she creates situations in which people, knowledge and talents can reinforce each other so that everyone does what he does best. Yvonne is an expert in: transition and transformation processes, learning together and information provision.